E5 became the witness of the local marathon in Spain | E5

2022-05-19 09:31:27

Recently, at the 20 kilometer Marathon Championship in Madrid, Spain, E5 was successfully elected as the "witness" of green protection in the whole process. The 99.99% electric E5 reached a high resonance with the concept of local people in advocating green travel, zero emission and zero pollution. E-guest products are also widely welcomed and praised in the local area.

In place in advance, E5 is ready for shipment

The game is about to begin, and E5 will witness the game

E5 ride with you all the way, cheer for the athletes

Focus on the scene and interview with local media

Since e-guest appeared in the European market, it has attracted the attention of many local businesses and consumers. With the good performance and quality of e-guest products, e-guest has been more and more loved by consumers and its popularity in Spain has increased day by day. E guest also participated in the local large motorcycle and electric vehicle exhibition in Madrid from March 31 to April 3. E5's presence at the scene attracted attention again.

In recent years, the sales volume of e-passengers in Spain has increased year by year, and the products are deeply loved by local consumers. In the streets and alleys of Madrid, there are more and more people riding e-passengers, and green travel has become a consensus.

Facing the future, e-guest will intensify efforts to explore and develop the Spanish market, provide more and better products and services, and establish a good e-guest riding ecosystem with local merchants and consumers.